Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2011: Here We Go

I guess that last post was kind of misleading. I'm not changing the layout or the theme of this blog. Sorry to make it sound like I had something good up my sleeve. The only thing up my sleeve is my arm. Insert the sound of a balloon deflating slowly.

But I am going a slightly different direction and will try to write some well constructed coherent posts that aren't just a jumble of thoughts. This is not one of those posts. Baby steps people, baby steps.

I am happy to report I finally left my shit box of a job at Topline/Report Footwear. I was always so hesitant to say where I worked. I know I mentioned it a few times but I never really went into detail about what an awful job it was. During my 6.5 years there I experienced the most blatant misogyny, discrimination, nepotism and abuse. It feels so good to put that experience behind me. My new job is the same admin desk job as before but at least I work for a company that respects me, with an HR department. Big plus.

As I continue to learn the ins and outs of my new position I try to not forget the experience of working for a good old boy's club. I try to remember that my new job may suck sometimes but it is nothing compared to being scolded for other people's mistakes, being told to improve without being given the proper tools and being blatantly disrespected. I remind myself that I won't be held back from a promotion at my new company because I'm not Asian or because I'm a woman. I know that my salary won't increase with the amount of leg that shows under my skirt and the height of my stilettos. I take comfort in knowing I can access my files without needing to get special permission to tip-toe around the owner's luxury car collection that he hides from his wife in the building's storage room.

I'm hopeful that the future will bring stability and opportunities. I hope that I can benefit a company that will appreciate me. I feel like I'm finally headed that way after a long detour in Shoeland.  Stabilityville may not be as glamorous of a place but I feel good here, and the people are nice.