Tuesday, June 08, 2010

On the Clock

I'm supposed to be working but everybody is at the FFANY show this week and there's not much going on. I'll get back to work in a jiffy. Did you hear that Internet Overlord? I'll get back to it asap, just let me have this time to clear my mind.

A coworker and I were discussing the possibility of successfully dialing 911 in a dream. I believe that it's not possible simply because it has never happened to me. Here's a list of what happens in my dreams when an emergency elicits a 911 call:
- the operator answers, asks me if it's a true emergency and then puts me on hold regardless of my answer
- the numbers on the keys jump around and dodge my finger as I try to dial
- I get a busy signal
- the operator speaks complete nonsense as if I dialed the wrong number and he or she thinks I am calling to order takeout or clothes from a catalog

Does this happen to you or are my coworker and I completely insane?

I like this blog but I caught on to it late and now I want to know what happened to Sister Wolf's son. Usually if I need a back story I can just read the comments but she turned comments off on this post. Do you ever read a blog and feel like you're missing something but don't really have the time to go back and read the entire archives?

I will finish my posts about Australia soon, promise. I'll do it before my birthday. Like how I slipped that in to remind you my birthday is coming up?

That's it. Back to work...


Lill said...

Did I put you on to 'Goddamit I'm Mad'? SW's never been forthcoming on Max. All I know is he has been in and out of hospital for a long time now, perhaps most of his life. So sad.

Ana said...

LOL! I have those ALL the time, except I've never gotten through. I always mis-dial.