Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Obsession Continues

I know you are dying to hear about the rest of our trip to Australia but I need you to focus on what I have to say right now. This is very important.

There is a new chocolate bar with sea salt in it. That's right in it, not just sprinkled on top. The sea salt is mixed in with the amazing dark chocolate to create the offical candy bar of my top desk drawer. My endorsement is a gold mine, I'm sure.

I scored one of these delicious treats at my friend Sarah's bridal shower a couple weeks ago and I have a little piece every day after lunch. I think you should try it.

If there's ever an occasion where you need to buy me something, let's say my 30th birthday on July 1st, Christmas 2010 or Chocolate Lovers Day which happens to be today, you can just give me one of these chocolate bars and I will be yours forever.


amber8184 said...

Our Canadian friends are so obsessed with the coconut ones, they had us ship them like 8 bars. I should introduce you guys.

Lill said...


Now, is it available in Oz...