Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paging Dr. Phil

Do you ever look at the calendar and suddenly panic that you haven't paid any of your bills on time? This happens to me all the time and it's super weird, especially since I actually do pay my bills on time. With the recent increase of online bill pay options I think that I forget what I've paid, since it's all just clicking; like the regular clicking I do on dlisted or facebook or msn. The clicking becomes indiscernible and I simply can't remember what I clicked on when and what information a certain click sent into the universe on my behalf.

I constantly dream that I haven't shown up to work in weeks or that I have a big final coming up but I stopped going to class ages ago.

Am I trying to tell myself something? Do I need to be more responsible or is my subconscious telling me to wake up and realize that everything is fine?


Kristi said...

there's an app for me. I have the same nightmares.

Shannon said...

Just this week I had a dream that I hadn't gone to two of my classes for 8 weeks and I had a final that week - and one that Bobby dumped me. I think these dreams are just part of being a grown-up.